Erotic Sonnet #No. 9 – Saturnalia

Veronica Love Erotica Saturnalia

Erotic Sonnet #No. 9 – Saturnalia

by Veronica Love

Orgy, orgy, orgy the energy,
Liberty, frenzy of fucking, cock-sucking
A carnival, frantic of non-stop cunt-licking
Ecstatic Saturn’s feast of free reverie
In drunken debauchery, die with the sun
Align nature’s time, be equal before
Laws or riches, let wild tongues explore
Indulgent licentiousness, all as one
December fields barren, but fertile now plow
Vulvas and breasts, phalluses, anuses
Writhing of flesh, marriage mysterious
Waken Earth and Sky arouse
Moaning, moaning cum now, winter’s dawn
boughs and holly exhausted, yet still we live on


© Copyright 2018 Lilith Electrica Press Veronica Love All Rights Reserved

Veronica Erotica Saturnalia Sonnet

Saturn Veronica Love Erotica Saturnalia Sonnet No.9

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