A Hot MILF is Seized by Eros

Next morning that Saturday, Steve drove me to meet his older cousins, Zach and Buck who had rented a room at Motel Sherman. All I can say is that it was very hot and steamy, fast and furious, fucking those two young men in every conceivable position. I cried out, “Ave Maria!” as I came over and over and over again while the air conditioner churned overtime to cool our heated bodies that soaked the sheets with sweat and cum. We sat smoking pot afterwards and drinking bourbon as the neon lights outside flashed against the night sky. That was when I confessed to them, “I can’t go back. I like this too much. I need to be fucked. And a lot.” Then we’d start fucking all over again.  

Erotic Tango Tanka Poem No. 1

I can still remember the cafeteriías and milongas. I danced to all night long in my high heels, fishnet stockings and ruffled black dresses. We drank the best wines from Mendoza. I remember all the men who wanted to dance with me. But really I remember the women.... I really enjoyed the women the best. How I remember that night with Marcella....Enjoy.

Oklahoma Strippers: My Wild, Sexy Sisters Again

Catch up on the story with previous posts: Part I  Part II. Looking back on my high school days, I can laugh now. But back then it wasn’t so easy. Suppressing the heat and scent that my loins oozed, ignoring the fierce pulse in my muscles of sexual longings. I had to so that I could aid … Continue reading Oklahoma Strippers: My Wild, Sexy Sisters Again