Erotic Tanka Poem No. 4

Erotic Tanka Poem No. 4 by Veronica Love © Copyright 2017 Veronica Love Get some of my favorite erotic reading supplies from my favorite authors! // // Aphrodite's Room - Erotic Book Recommendations Pink Box: Inside Japan's Sex Clubs by Joan Sinclair

My Wild, Sexual Sisters and I

So dear reader, as I mentioned last post that I would tell you everything, but there's so much! Where do I begin? I guess at the beginning. I was the middle of four daughters growing up in Jacksonville, Florida.  My hot sisters and their sexual escapades caused trouble for my poor, dear half-Italian Mother. No … Continue reading My Wild, Sexual Sisters and I

Memoirs of My Sacred Pleasure – Sex is Natural

The world can use more sex. Everybody wants it, men and women alike nervously blushing rose red at the word vagina or penis, all thirsting for romantic movies and coital release. Sucking on bananas or lollipops, anointing themselves with Chanel No 5 or rose, dressing in silk for trembling hands to remember the sensation of … Continue reading Memoirs of My Sacred Pleasure – Sex is Natural