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I was born from the waters. My body is natural. It is for pleasure. Pleasures of the sensual world. Venus I am.

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Love, Veronica


The Art of Arousal in a Sensual World
by Veronica Love

Beautiful erotic poetry. Awakens the senses and stimulates the imagination.”
– Don, Amazon U.K.

There is something for everyone who enjoys fine erotic literature in this book of 25 erotic poems by poet and enchantress Veronica Love. Discerning tastes of men and women alike will enjoy the variety of poems that read like stories. Divided into sections ranging from sensuous and soft core to salacious and hard core, the erotic writing weaves between fantasy and reality, flesh and spirit.

Joya, Treasure of St. Croix – An Erotic Short Story
by Veronica Love

Wow. Veronica Love truly has a unique voice and style unlike any other. Vivid characters and quite a sexy romp! Loved it!”
                                      – Chloe Renard – Amazon

A love spat between lesbian lovers Darcy and sexy Latina brat Joya turns paradise into danger when Darcy meets the rich and handsome Brazilian Real Estate Mogul Roberto on the exotic Caribbean island of St. Croix. A rich sensory travel locale and insatiable sexual desire fuel this short story by erotic Poet and Author Veronica Love.