Erotic Sonnet No. 8 – The Sacred Prostitute


Adrien Henri Tanoux “Salammbo” 1921

“The light of the sacred prostitute penetrates to the heart of this darkness. . . . she is the consecrated priestess, in the temple, spiritually receptive to the feminine power flowing through her from the Goddess, and at the same time joyously aware of the beauty and passion in her human body.” — Marion Woodman

Erotic Sonnet No. 8 – The Sacred Prostitute

By Veronica Love


Outrageous fortune this body of mine
Does fornicate shamelessly addicted
To lust as cocks enter unrestricted
Enacting sacred rites of Earth divine

Love is my witness, passion my name give
Me the pleasure of mortal paradise
I, sacred prostitute, demand a high price
For a sip of my cave’s elixir to live

In rapture, quivering, in wetness and
My clitoris flowering on men’s tongues
As over and over again I cum
Surrendering to each orgasm’s command

Men spilling their seed – a great sacrament
Upon my breasts then sleep in eloquence


© Copyright 2018 Lilith Electrica Press Veronica Love All Rights Reserved


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