Sayonara for a While. Let Kiki Entertain You In Her Little Erotic Film

Well, darlings, I have to go on auto for a while. My Handler has called me away on another long-term, international assignment. I will be peeking in here and there, but to keep you entertained while I am away, I want you to meet one of my sexy girls Kiki.

Watch Kiki dance. Invite everybody to watch her dance. Witness her beautiful body in this little erotic film she made. Don't you just want to caress it, rejoice in it, lick her breasts and pussy and treat her like the living doll that she is?

I do! That's why she's my girl! And she loves her body! I love her body! I love my body! Women are goddesses! Come worship our glorious goddess bodies together!

Veronica Erotica Erotic Film Poem – Featuring Her Sexy Sister Regina Royce

Listen to Erotic Poet Veronica Love's sexy voice recite the poem How It Begins from her book, The Art of Arousal In A Sensual World. And you get to meet one of her wild sexy sisters, Regina Royce. She loves to dance! Erotic Dance! Erotic Film! Erotic Poetry! The whole world is flowing with creative sexy juice! Have a taste!

Veronica Erotica: Erotic Sonnet #No 5 –

The Myth of Venus and Mars.  Well darlings, so glad you stopped by. I want you to meet one of my girls, Kiki. She loves to dance just as much as I do. Kick back, relax and watch Kiki's beautiful body for your entertainment as you listen to me recite my new Veronica Erotica: Erotic … Continue reading Veronica Erotica: Erotic Sonnet #No 5 –

Veronica Love Erotic Film on YouTube – Subscribe!

Hello Darlings, It's been a while. We sacred sex priestesses sometimes have to go underground for a while. All part of our sacred sex duties. What was I doing all this time, you ask? Shhh..... it's a titillating secret. Which I will reveal later in my continual Memoirs of My Sacred Pleasure. But for right … Continue reading Veronica Love Erotic Film on YouTube – Subscribe!