Veronica Erotica’s New Erotic Poetry E-Book of Erotic Haiku, Sonnets & Free Verse Released

Erotic Poetry for Sensual Reading

It’s been a long time, darlings. Better late than never. I lost my undercover job in the other world because of Covid-19. So it gave me time to finish this new erotic poetry e-book of mine – Pleasure is Principle – Erotic Haiku and Photographs by Veronica Love-Wylde.

Literary Erotica of the Poetic Type

This literary erotica poetry ebook puts all my latest soft-core, sensuous and sophisticated poetry scattered across the galaxy in one place – my new, hot off the press e-book where Pleasure is Principle, naturally!

Whimsical sexy bits and pieces open the ebook with fun. A collection of erotic haiku and tanka follow. Then comes 12 erotic sonnets, many with erotic mythology themes, such as Venus and Mars, (petite mort ensures there is no energy left for war!) Saturnalia (orgy sex is good for you!) as well as Shamhat the sacred prostitute priestess who civilizes with sex the half man, half beast Enkidu of the epic Gilgamesh. The ebook also contains six sexy, artsy photos of Milf moi. xoxoxo

Send Me Some Love…. Buy the Ebook!

So get your hot hands on your copy today. It’s on Amazon KDP Unlimited. Support your favorite MILF sensual poet and artists. Buy the copy and please write a review! (You can write the review under a pen name! Shhhhh.) Tell everybody, share me…. and retweet if you are on Twitter. I am! xoxoxo

I will thank you profusely for your patronage. I can even write a custom poem or story for you, darling. Then I can start recording my audio erotica audiobook…… xoxoxox Just ask. xoxoxo

Love, Erotica.

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