Erotic Myth Poem – The Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene 


DanteRosettiOn the heels of my latest post in The Memoir of My Sacred Pleasure, about my sexually repressed Catholic childhood that yearned to be Mary Magdalene and make love to Jesus,  I bring to you my latest poem, The Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene.


Write about your passion to merge with the divine, sacred sex, hieros gamos, or any hot sex that takes you out of this world!

marymagdalenephotoThe Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene

by Veronica Love


Beloved Sacred Prostitute of love marymagdeleneegg
Thy service and vulva are heaven’s boat
An adoring act of conjugal grace
When to Jesus’ kisses Thou yielded

Washed His feet with Thy perfumed hair
Ate of His flesh with Thy glorious lips
Anointed His loins with Thy lithe hands
Drank His blood with Thy tender mouth

And when He entered Thy cathedral door143e5d0e697e4cb7b61bcd260ed6d713--pre-raphaelite-paintings-dante-gabriel-rossetti
To wed in love’s sensual bed
And bless Thy sumptuous breasts
Thy face transcended time and space

Thy pithos poured waters of life
And did something beautiful to Him
Thy body rippled in His embrace
As Thy pleasure

–    In
–   Rhythm
Of scottishchurchmarymagdalenandjesus
–    The
–   Birthed

from the waters of

–   Thy


When water turned to wine
Thy will was done
The King did cum
And filled
Thy chalice with his blade

As He spilled
–  His
– All

Overst. mary magdalene, by pompeo batoni (1708-1787)

–  The


–  All


–   Thy


and made Earth as it is in Heaven


Sex      a sacrament for our release
From Caesar’s grip and mundane drudgery

The world restored      its our natural reward
To open heaven’s gate     a woman’s pleasure
And man’s animal lust united to slake the thirst of
Temptation of lifeimages-1

Desire     desire      desire


To participate as the gods    and     goddesses
That we are to     heave      orgasmic stars from
Behind         make          big
Into        creation
The breath    the    word     made     flesh artemisia gentileschi (1593-1654) - mary magdalene
As our pleasure roams
In fields
Of glory

Each night    each morning
Awakened to a rising peace
Proclaiming the joy to the world
Of this heaven of Earthly paradiseberniniduomoinsienamarymagdalene


© 2019 Veronica Love – Lilith Electrica Press – All Rights Reserved






christ's appearance to mary magdalene after the resurrection_ by alexander andreyevich ivanov, 1835.

Not making this up! Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children’, according to ancient manuscript.

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