Erotic Kitsune in the Wilderness – A Short Story

Kitsune Veronica EroticaI look for men who need me. Who need rest. The desire for sleep. That look in their eyes, I know it well. They all work so hard. Slaving away in a suit and tie for what? Some heavy watch on their wrist. Desperate for approval. Desperate for me. For Nature.

Only I know what they all want deep, deep down inside. They want to roam free in the wild. THE WILD, I say. It’s the wilderness they want, and me. To escape from the prison of work and romp through my forest. All things are nature things. She calls you home. Listen! 

Let go to the unknown and earthy. It scares them. I know. I know. But fear not! My beloved. Fear not. Underneath everything, it’s all they truly wish for. To escape from the prison within, the prison without, that restrains their passions to go wild. That is my speciality.

For I am the fox. Kitsune, in Japanese. I have magical powers. I am a messenger from the gods. The goddess. She heard the cries of the world. The cries for sleep, for love, for pleasure, sacred pleasure, for sensual touch and caring and for a heaven on earth. So the Goddess sent me, the fox.

Kitsune - fox Veronica EroticaI found you in the woods, hunter. You were so desperate for something. You didn’t know what. But I did. You followed me down the dark path, into the deep woods. Deeper into my wilderness, I led you. You were hunting for something more than me, the fox. Your spirit was crying out for love. For light. The light in the darkness.

You lost me in the trees for a bit. Confused you looked around, while I shape-shifted into a woman. The woman of your desires. All your desires. I slipped out of my fox skin. My nude body sprung out from behind the trees. You were startled by my appearance. My crafty red-fox coat transformed into a head of red-orange hair flowing down around my breasts. Nipples erect like your cock. My black eyes latched onto you as you stood there, stunned.

I sprinted and bid you to follow me. You had a hard time keeping up, you old man with a tired heart. So many hours at the office, for what? What of your weary soul? Mechanical nothingness. Counting the hours. Who will soothe it? You wondered. Now here you are, climbing over wet vines and leaves and heated scent of the wild woods on the soft forest floor to find out all my secrets. All of them.

Kitsune Veronica EroticaYou tripped on a tree trunk. Dropped your bow. Losing sight of me and my sprint, you left it behind. I took you over the mountain, each arrow dropping away too. Lighter you became, and more aroused with each step, and your cock bigger, harder! The creative juices flowing like my river I drink from daily.

As my voluptuous ass blazing remained just in sight ahead of you, its porcelain white skin flashing in the dark forest like the moon at night. Guiding you to seduction, to the pleasure, to passion and satisfaction you so crave.

I took you to my magic lake. I stood there at the edge until your big fingers were within touching distance of my fleshy waist to grab hold. But I dove into the waters to bathe. Then reemerged on the surface, thigh high in the chilly spring waters that hardened my nipples into erect temples. I saw you standing on the shore, the desire rising inside you, craving my flesh, my sex. Sex! What life! What life! Create, my darling. Create! 

I began touching myself, my pussy with my slender hands. Then you ripped off your jeans and flannel shirt and jumped in too like a fish that had been out of water too long, gasping to return to its natural realm.  HOME! You desired. My foxy den of fleshy scent. You flung all around in the water trying to reach me and then you stopped. Or I stopped you. You beheld me like as if you had seen Venus emerge from the foamy waters of creation herself.

My woodsy scent pulled you nearer to me. I allowed you to touch my breasts. Stroke the nipples, touch the corners of my soft round flesh. You stood there in awe touching me, making me writhe, until I guided your hand down to my clit. I let you rub it gently until I brought you into my arms.

Kitsune Veronica EroticaYou pulled out your cock. I was delighted, stunned in its erect enormity. I stroked its hard skin. I felt sorry for you, as you looked so hungry to fuck right then. I teased you, crafty fox I am. I made you wait. Trickster I am!

Leaving your human clothes and world behind on the forest floor, I then led you out of the waters and through the forest again to my den. A soft downy bed in a cave. Only the evening light of dusk that shone down from a crack beyond the entrance as the hum of the forest arose as music for our ears.

I gave you warm sake to drink. The world melted away. You relaxed and smiled, even laughed at such joyful pleasure. How long had it been since you were able to do so? Always worried about what others thought? If you were doing your work correctly? Trying to please the other stuffed shirts high in the office tower, far away from my wilderness. FUCK EM! FUCK EM! I say! This is for YOU! This is your authentic self! Do it for YOU, my darling! 

When you had enough, I lay you down, ripped off your clothes, tie that strangles your neck and cuts off your heart and sensual pleasure, and climbed on top. I let your hungry lips suck my nipples, which made me squirm. I led your hand back down to my cunt, which was wet and flowing with the sweet pussy juice of mine that flowed with the aroma of pheromones, my body heating the air around us. My skin was hot and it led your eyes to my foxy face of the wild woman that I am. You possessed me instantly breathing heavy, inhaling the secret substance of my skin.

Your spellbound lips then moved to my mouth, kissed me and my nakedness flushed with passion, moaning. I showed you how to stroke me, showed you how I like it, how to serve me. Circular motions, then faster, harder, harder. Ahhhh, the orgasms started rippling through me, my cunt dripping the honey-sweet amrita of my being.

When I was filled with ravishing desire and wanted you, I sat on your cock and fucked you hard. Rode you like the wild animal that I am. WILD! WILD! I howled, I moaned. You were helpless to do anything but fuck me hard back, our bodies fused in excited union. Human fusion. What lust! What lust! What creative abandon and what permission to do so! 

Then you came inside me. You shuddered and moaned, but I wouldn’t let you rest. I pulled off your hot cock and sat on your face, forcing you to lick my clit, forcing your face into my pussy, ordering your tongue to lick and lick until I came and came and came again, squirted my amrita into your mouth. Until I was full and exhausted, and we both fell asleep together to the sound of the soft wind and rain outside.

I know they are all wondering what happened to you, hunter. Back at the tower they all whisper among themselves about how you went off into the woods one day. A vacation, you said. Only for a day. Just to go off into the wilderness for a while. Get away from the city.

But you never came back. They still talk about you to this day, the man who was taken by a fox. A fox who could shape shift and become a woman. Who could lure you with desire deeper and deeper and deeper into the wilderness, never to return again. Each man looking out the window of the tower, dreaming of me and secretly planning their own journey in my forest one day too.

Kitsune - Veronica Love Erotica fox becomes woman

7 thoughts on “Erotic Kitsune in the Wilderness – A Short Story

    • Oh! Crystalchemy, DARLING! how I adore and think of you often. Thank you for your comment. I so appreciate it. So glad to pleasure you with my forest…. don’t you just love the WILD. WILD animals, WILDERNESS. WILD WOMAN. xoxoxoxo Thanks again, darling. I will write more! You are my muse! Love, Veronica. xoxoxo

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  1. OMG!!!!! I feel like this totally spoke to me. I’m shaking with passion now… You are an incredible writer who is so lustful I’m drooling…


  2. Only once, all that time working in the forest, did I encounter a woman whose desire was to meld her body with mine. This fantasy describes that excitement I felt then. Great job bringing to life such a wonderful tale.


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