Tantra – an Erotic Poem

15th centurymiddleasterotica


I sense that we are being threaded together across the quantum foam

by a serpent whose tongue licks my loins aflame and arouses yours

When we come together you will find yourself enclosed in me

and I will sink you in my boat to your sandy river bottom

and let my body and breasts undulate like water over you

until I merge with the sky and wind and breathe hot moisture

into your mouth    penetrate your flesh    slip into your atoms

shivering ecstasy until I am you and you are me

Your manliness   great phallus   engorged cock I worship   will heave

the raw universe into me    heave into our heated sheets    crown me

with creation with insatiable desire and slake my thirst the way waves

caress the shore like the moon reflects the sun    your Shiva    my Shakti

and my raging pleasure of sex will bloom a fragrant hill of roses

dripping jewels   

dripping jewels 

jewels   jewels   



from my precious pussy for us to wed in a bed of flesh

whispered sighs and lavender sleep


When our bodies part    still we will echo in the voice of the deep silence

like geese in flight separate but sensing the rhythm of the other divine



Favorite Literary Erotica Recommended Books from Aphrodite’s Room

Sphinx by Anne Garreta – Lesbian classic!

The Lover by Margurite Duras. Reading this over and over again taught me to write erotica!

Little Birds – Erotica by Anais Nin – Classic erotic short stories

And some great sexy products to get you off while you read or relax!

Ten-speed vibrator! Ride me, cowboy! YEAH!

Double Trouble Jelly Multi Speed Dual Penetration Toy for Personal Pleasure Toy! WHOO HOO!

6 thoughts on “Tantra – an Erotic Poem

  1. Ah, well, darling jman, your compliments make me horny! So getting ready to make some more artsy erotica, erotic film…. the wild in me gets started and I create, create, CREATE! So thank you darling for the comments! So happy you enjoy my work. Love, Veronica. xoxoxo


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