Erotic Writing Prompt: Pulp Fiction Erotica Covers

The Sexy Art of Pulp Fiction Erotica Covers

KaliTimesI’m a visual person. Audio as well, of course. Surely you’ve heard me moan! And of course tactile as well! LOL!

Well, looking at pictures give me ideas. Ideas that get me aroused and feeling sexy and confident – the origin of porn! But images also give me pleasure when I am fantasizing my take on the story.  A picture is worth a thousand words!

If it’s a pulp fiction erotica cover, it’s got fabulous, sexy artwork of hot wives and lusty men that get me off. And then the covers’ titles and subtitles make great writing prompts.

They can give your imagination a spark to take you on a wild ride of how you decide to switch around characters and change the setting, time and motivation.

So take a peek at these fun covers for your erotic writing prompt! What do you come up with? Have fun! Write On and Do Tell!

Love, Veronica

  1. Caged Passions. Angie was a marked woman, paying her own ransom with a body none could resist. ohhhhhh sexy lesbians. HOT!


2) Love Camp! Story of an infamous Nazi cult! War and love, baby. Hmmmmm.Now I have an idea for Veronica’s Love Camp! We will play Veronica Says! SEXY FUN!LoveCamp3) Fast Loose and Lovely – How I like them! How I lived my life for a long time…. plenty to tell there.

fast, loose and lovely

4) The office sex club made her an… Exchange Wife – Lots of office sex goes on in the world… let me tell you! I’m going to finish one of my girl’s Regina’s story next!


5) Tramp Wife! She was his to handle, body and soul. A treasure who drove him to the heights of passion and the depths of lust. Yeah – monogamy is monotonous and unnatural. We like multiple partners. Everybody so much happier and nicer when they get fucked regularly by lots of different people.

6.) Part-Time Call Girl –  She was a demure, suburban housewife. But in her spare time, she played at being a call girl! If prostitution were legal in the United States the wages of every child care worker, teacher, librarian and nurse would sky rocket in a minute!


7.) Nympho Librarian -The prim miss took off more than her mask of respectability behind the stacks… with any man who asked. That would be me. Lusty librarian not cracking but fucking the books. Or, she opened her legs like she opened a book, delicately then while touching herself, smelling the pages. nympholibrarian

8.) Satan was my Pimp – This devil is lusting flesh dealt in bodies, not in souls. For a share of his love, as hot as the hell that spawned him, woman let themselves be sold to the highest bidder of either sex, for whatever erotic ritual evil could devise. Satin IS my pimp! HEY THEY STOLE MY STORY!

Satan was my pimp

9.) Wife and Harlot – Sexual torment tortured her soul and seared her body. Well, wives were originally harlots. Prostitutes used to be sacred in ancient times. Till the fucking Catholic church fucked it all up! I think I will write about a reincarnated sex priestess who becomes a wife and harlot and re-enchants the world with good sex. How about that? wifeandharlot

10.) Amateur Night – A love story of a confirmed lesbian and a blonde nympho! This is all making me too hot! Gotta go find my hot girl and go fuck her now and then write!amateurnight

Well! Have fun with these! Write on and Do Tell!  Leave a comment! Share me! Love, Veronica


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