Erotic Writing Prompt: The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction Begins Here

Veronica Erotica Veronica Love MILF

Veronica Love has discovered her beautiful body and wants to share it with you.

Well, in the last Veronica Erotica Erotic Writing Prompt, we explored writing about someone who was a sexually repressed goodie-two shoes by listening to the sexy voice and lyrics of Eartha Kitt. 

Now I want you to write about that same, newly liberated man or woman who was usually too shy to seduce anyone. (That’s the story of MOI, darlings….read about how I finally let loose!)

Let’s say for instance, a young woman on her 18th birthday is introduced to the art of seduction by her sexy Aunt.

How does she do it? What does she teach? I found that the sexual arts really gave me a lot of body confidence!

Read here in Cosmopolitan magazine about How Women Initiate Sex to give you some more arousing ideas of how to be the sex goddess you are and seduce with your womanly charms and power!  Here are a few of its examples:

2. “Kissing, fondling, groping, usually followed by, ‘Wanna get naked with me?‘”

3. “It’s usually when we are in bed about to sleep. I’ll just start by rubbing his chest and stomach, and then maybe lean over and kiss his neck. I just pay attention to his reactions and then start sliding my hand down lower and lower…”

4. “Kisses, playfulness, and sometimes just, ‘Hey you want a quickie?‘”

9. “I say, ‘Hey, take off your pants’.”

11. “I just jump on him and drag him to bed. He responds well to that. Or we escalate from cuddling, to making out, to bed.”

jdkljfjkdjkfdNow you are ready also to make your own list!!!! Make up your own sexy lure to luxurious pleasure!

What inner stories are going on along with the characters’ outer stories? What do they really want? What do they not want? Write it, sing it, dance it, make it a poem, short story, haiku, or erotic film.

However you wish to express yourselves, darling. Whatever sparks your fancy. Go ahead and have a dialogue with your characters. Listen to them. Ask them questions. What do they want? The first thing that comes to your mind, write it down. Don’t judge. Just let your pen rip.  Follow your intuition…. it leads to the guts and truth of the sexy story you want to tell… and we all want to read.

Write On! and Do Tell!

Love, Veronica

Aphrodite’s Room Recommended Erotic Books and More!

Orgasm baby! Evolution depends on it! Sexual pleasure brings about bigger brains in women! Read all about it in Vagina, A New Biography by Naomi Wolf. 


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