Introducing Veronica Erotica Erotic Writing Prompts


Let Your Creativity Flow In Harmony With the Sensual World

Well darlings. If I’m not on my back fucking, I’m writing. Been doing both a long, long, long time. Both so addicting. So pleasurable. And fun!
Over the years I’ve picked up some tricks and things about writing. So I’m pleased to introduce Veronica Erotica Erotic Writing Prompts.

There are so many juicy tidbits of news out there that trigger ideas, because as you well know, truth is stranger than fiction! We can take the nugget of the story or what inspires us and let our imagination run wild with it.

At the same time we can explore our own sexual truths and discover our personal secrets for greater sexual and personal fulfillment. It will save the world! Let your orgasms rip through the universe and may love, caring, good sex and sensual pleasure restore our hearts, bodies and minds to a new Golden Age we deserve.
So join the Renaissance! Do your part and pick up your pen and paper.

Subscribe to the Blog and follow Veronica Erotica on Twitter for the latest Erotic Writing Prompts

Subscribe to the Blog and follow Veronica Erotica on Twitter for the latest Erotic Writing Prompts

So for this morning’s Veronica Erotica Erotic Writing Prompt, listen to the sultry voice and sexy words of Torch Singer Eartha Kitt. I Want To Be Evil.

“Prim and proper the girl whose never been kissed well I’m tired of being pure and not chased! Like something that seeks its level, I want to go to the Devil! I want to be evil!”

What inspires you? Write a story or poem about a goodie-two shoes who finally gives in to her sexual passions and explores herself. How does she do it? What instigated it? Who is there? Who is not there? Put the smells, sights, sounds and most definitely the TOUCH in there. I want hands, baby. Cunts, fingers, mouths…. be sure to add the body! I want to FEEL that I’m there with her getting fucked well for the first time! OH!!!! The release and satisfaction!

“Whatever Ive got I’m eager to lose……” – Eartha Kitt – I Want to Be Evil

Show your shadow, darling. Let’s explore all those golden nuggets hiding in the darkness and find your Cinderella. Write On and Do Tell! Don’t forget to leave a comment about how it goes!

Love, Veronica

Aphrodite’s Room Recommended Reading and Other Erotic Fun

Urban Tantra. Sacred Sex for the 21st Century.

Sacred Sex, baby. Join the Renaissance! DO IT!

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