Erotic Haiku Poem #No.4

Shunga – Japanese Erotic Art
as Visual Poetry

Veronica Love Erotica Japanese Shunga Haiku

Japanese Shunga is such erotic art! Check out some today!

Well, darlings, yesterday I posted an erotic writing prompt on Twitter to write about your favorite sexy food and aphrodisiac. Well, it just got me so damn hot and juicy! What can I say?

When it comes to the art of great fucking, can’t beat the Japanese. Before the Christians got their sexually repressed hands on Japan’s culture, sex flourished as part of nature – lots of pleasurable fucking and enjoyment of the Goddess-given senses! The erotic art of Japanese Shunga can give you many pleasurable ideas….

Of course I love Haiku, its elegant and sexy simplicity can say so much in three little lines…. just enough to tantalize your imagination.

Enjoy my Erotic Haiku and of course, write your own sexy haiku. Explore your sexuality. Set it free… and save the whole world at the same time. Let those orgasms rip like a black hole exploding and creating the whole universe anew again.

Don’t forget to leave a comment!

Love, Veronica

Watch the YouTube Version for sexy and listen to me orgasm! xoxoxo

Veronica Love Erotica Japanese Shunga Haiku

Japanese Shunga is such erotic art! Check out some today!

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Hot and horny now darlings? Get some love lotion for great hot sex!

 Enjoy with your lover looking at the erotic art of Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese art

4 thoughts on “Erotic Haiku Poem #No.4

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    • DARLING! Going to have to work at this full time with your luscious compliments. Maybe hire a director, photographer, editor, all that entourage….. I will kick back and relax and see what the universe brings as I get ready to write and create tonight. Will be thinking of you! Thank you lover of words and art! Love, Veronica

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are doing absolutely wonderful! I’m so excited to see what you do next. I’m gonna let off some stress now as I enjoy more of your pleasurable posts.


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