Memoirs of My Sacred Pleasure – Sex is Natural


Sacred Yoni Yantra. Meditate on the glorious yoni. Let the power of the Shakti and universe ripple through your body and blow your mind.

The world can use more sex. Everybody wants it, men and women alike nervously blushing rose red at the word vagina or penis, all thirsting for romantic movies and coital release.

Sucking on bananas or lollipops, anointing themselves with Chanel No 5 or rose, dressing in silk for trembling hands to remember the sensation of skin.

Men and women desire to rejoice freely in touching their bodies, gaze upon a woman’s beauty and awe-inspiring pussy, worship a cock, or roll in the hay for hours with lovers and come and come and come until the sun comes up too.

Sex and women and the sacred prostitute were all part of every-day life in centuries gone by. When we were not so separated from nature but venerated it instead. Didn’t you know? Sex was exalted! Yet it is forbidden fruit now.

The world keeps a tight lid on it in a dark box. Pandora, the sacred woman whose pitcher body poured out pleasure in the world – demonized.  Religion, old men and a culture of repression have cut off the sacred pleasure of the flesh for millenniums. Putting on us secret shame and guilt.


I learned the art of sacred sex from my Handler. I was initiated. I have been authorized to share my story and secrets to you. May you enjoy sacred pleasure. Your pleasure of the body saves the whole world. Participate in the sacred sexual arts of tantra. Here from the Kama Sutra. Love is sacred.

Regardless, our psyches know we desire sex and carnal passion. They simmer, no, rage beneath the surface, pleading for us all to revel in fucking and the pleasures of the body once more.  In our wet dreams in the morning. Men spilling their seed on the sheets; women squirming with orgasm after dreams at dawn.

But all we get are stories of shame and guilt, that sex is dirty or trashy. Newspaper headlines of politicians caught with their pants down with hotel maids. Or movies filled with men with big guns and military might, blasting bullets of semen from them, scorching the Earth in its pent-up rage, frustrated by the desire to fuck freely without shame or guilt. Just as Mars, the God of war, collapsed into the Goddess of Love Venus’ arms after coming, we can do a lot to make love and not war.

Phallus Pompeii brothelFor my sex has no shame. My love that I give freely and my body that I like to pleasure with men and women alike are natural. My breasts, my vulva, my desire.

I can tell you this is true! The time has come. I will tell you my story here in the digital pages of this blog. I will tell you about my sexually repressed childhood from Catholic roots.

I will tell you of my blossoming as a ripe and horny MILF, unable to hide her desire any longer. Hitting the road on a sexual journey, then finding my Handler who guided me into the initiation, into the Tantric arts of ecstatic sacred sex and love.

I will tell you how I transformed, keeping my desires and lower half of my body out of sight by hiding out in my mind and head. Shame kept me away, but when I could not longer keep the lust down, when I pierced my shadow, when I finally ripped it wide open and saw beyond the veil, I saw, no, I FELT, all I had been denying about my body, my sex, my desires. I worshipped my hot, red lips outlining a mouth that could suck cock longer and with more men than Cleopatra herself.  I was reborn.

For now I am a high priestess. I am a high priestess of sex. Having moved up the ladder of our secret society that I have belonged to over the years. Really I should say moving up through the royal beds. I have been authorized to tell my story. That’s my job as priestess in our tantric sex cult. I am an animal with desires of carnal lust, and I am divine being of sacred love.

So I will tell you my story here. All of it. For what can I teach you about sexual pleasure, sex that will sweep you off your feet, pitch you out of this world, except through by my own story. My own experiences. Through my confessions, my truth of sex, my body, my desires.


I was born from the waters. My body is natural. It is for pleasure. Pleasures of the sensual world. Venus I am.

Discovering over the years my body, my womanhood, my breasts, my mysterious yoni, taking lingam into my like a key in a pocket. I have done it all.

I will tell you my sexual fantasies as a child that made me feel shame every time I took communion, the hundreds of men who I took to my bed in dozens of countries and circumstances across the globe. I will share with you the secrets and the art of sacred arousal you can try on your lover (or lovers).

Enjoy my erotic poetry, short stories and art as well. Some are soft core, others hard core. Of course this blog is peppered with erotic classic arts and literature too, and plenty of book suggestions. Remember, I’m not just a common whore, I’m an smart high priestess. Spent a lot of time in the intellectual realm before I was brought back to Earth and to my body through good hard fucking.

Just writing this has made me squirm, shot a little bit of pleasure from my pussy up my spine and into my heart, bursting it wide open toward the sky. I can’t wait to tell you more. But now, I must pleasure myself. I suggest you do to.

Until next time.


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